Simplicity is about subtracting what is obvious and adding what makes sense


Boffi Olbia Kitchen
In an elegant home in the center of Olbia, the essentiality of black, which absorbs all light source, creates a symbiotic relationship with the central island and the side columns, in a combination of aesthetics and functionality, which aspires to a style of Sober life but full of values. The appliances of Switzerland V-Zug and […]
We present a preview of the Relook of the Showroom in Via Mameli, where we exhibit the new Boffi kitchen with the works of an important artist.
From creation to sale, perhaps tasting a good coffee. This is the inspiration that led Wiliam Lepori, owner of an established bakery in Gallura, to open in the industrial area of Olbia, a resale of his artisan bread, accompanied by the tasting of a delicious and soft coffee, with a snack and a freshly baked pasta. Our […]
Gym Boutique
On the top floor of a commercial building in the industrial area of Olbia, was born the “Gym Boutique”, the first boutique gym in Sardinia, designed and built by Dr. Gabriele Rossi, young and talented personal trainer, who individually prepares athletes and amateurs, in an unprecedented location, between relaxation, fashion and the latest equipment of […]
Open wall
A modern and refined wall with suspended modules and TV back, inserted in a large living area of a country house.
Nature Ice Cream, Olbia
In the central Via Regina Elena, in Olbia, opens the new ice cream shop of the Spano family, specialized for over 25 years in the production of Gelato di Natura, a must for those who want to enjoy a fresh and delicious homemade ice cream in the city. Our studio has taken care of the realization […]
Energ Power Sardinia, Olbia
Between wood, moss, and high technology, the first store of Energ Power Sardegna opens in Olbia, the island branch of the Italian / Swiss multinational Energ Power CH, active in the free market of energy and renewable sources. The store concept was entirely created by our studio in collaboration with the Energ Power Italia staff. […]
Adriano’s pizzeria, Olbia
Wood, flour, fire, three elements at the base of the original pizzas of Massimo Luke Ferrai, owner of the Pizzeria da Adriano in Via Roma in Olbia, inspired us for the relook of the same, and together with the enthusiasm of the owners and all the staff, have helped to create a warm and hospitable […]
In the small refurbishment of this town house the aim of our project was to make the most of every inch of space where a modern kitchen could be placed within pre-existing classical surroundings. The vintage look of “District Route” tiles from Lea Ceramiche used for the walls draws attention to the marble flooring retrieved from […]
In a recently refurbished apartment in the city of Asti, by the river Tanaro, a new kitchen is designed, fitting beautifully within the spacious living area obtained by demolishing the pre-existing wall that enclosed the old kitchen.The dark grey colour of the lower cabinets and columns that perfectly matches the cabinets made of natural durmast. […]
An old family home located in the village of Sagno, in the Canton of Ticino, was given a new life with a complete refurbishment. A new volume was added, housing two new bedrooms and a bathroom with a mansard roof, as per local tradition. Contemporary products such as Skema’s Lindura parquet, Metropolis ceramics by Lea […]
Verona apartment
This 70-square-metre circa contemporary apartment in Verona is part of a recently built modern residential building. The apartment was designed to reflect the personality of a young and refined couple of professionals that can now spend their weekends enjoying the very few relaxing moments contemporary society allows for.
The elegance of a living area in the city centre is enhanced by the addition of a unique piece tailored by our partner Porro, made by specially chosen types of wood. This piece gives a touch of originality in perfect harmony with our modern interior design project, but at the same time it honours our […]
White and steel stand out in this remarkably functional Xila kitchen, created in a beautiful villa surrounded by the Pevero park, above the Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo.
The technology and design of a refined kitchen contribute to the enhancement of a minimalist “Stazzo” in the heart of the Gallura countryside.
Surrounded by the mediterranean scrub in Gallura, in the middle of ancient granitic stones, crystal clear waters and the magnificent San Pantaleo mountains, lies a beautiful “Stazzo” furnished in a simple and contemporary style.  
A former sea-view workshop in Cala Saccaia on the  Olbia Industrial Estate converted into a spacious loft: haven and studio for a local professional.
A medical practice specialised in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, completely refurbished and adapted to contemporary aesthetic and functional needs.